New Year's Eve at the Brewery

New Year's Eve at the Brewery

New Year's Eve at the Brewery
A few of us sat down and chatted as a group about what we'd love to do for New Years Eve and our list started with a few things we knew we didn't want;
  • to pay a cover "just because" it's New Years Eve
  • inflated prices for drinks, food... 
  • to be committed to one place for an entire night,

We are NOT saying that there is anything wrong with x,y and z, but they simply aren't what we are looking for this year. What we do want;

  • to hang out with friends and/or family in a loving environment 
  • share some good food, drinks, and a pop a bottle of something fun
  • to see as many groups of friends as we possibly can,
  • flexibility in what time of day we choose to celebrate (and/or allow for us to do it all night long *cue Lionel Richie*)

Where this brought us was to bring you guys a Table d'Hôte menu created by our chef, Monica Nguyen. WTF is that? Well literally it's the "table of the host", and for you it means we're offering a multi-course meal, with few choices for a fixed total price.

3 courses for $30, available 11am-late

It has be designed to be meatetarian, vegetarian and vegan friendly! Our regular menu will also be available incase you've got a craving for your one of your favourites.


[phone no. 613.542.4222].

- - - - - New Year's Eve Menu - - - - -

- Starter -

Bread and Butter Sourdough w. accoutrement  
Whipped butter, 
Fermented chilies in oil
Clementine jam

        - Appetizer -

        Fresh Rolls: mango/ jicama/ pickled carrot/ daikon/ mint/ cilantro/ thai basil/ spicy peanut sauce
        Noodle Salad: fermented black bean + chili marinated noodles/ fennel/ arugula/ watermelon radish/ cucumber/ carrot/ clementine-ginger-carrot-vinegrette

          - Entrée -

          Jamaican jerk pulled Jackfruit on Hoppin' Jon-style dirty rice with a pineapple-jicama salsa,
          Five-spice Enright Cattle braised short ribs on truffled mashed potatoes with shaved cucumbers slaw

            - Dessert -

            Fresh persimmon with a coconut cashew cream dip,
            Kaffir lime leaf crème brûlée 


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