COVID-19 Prevention Policy

COVID-19 Pandemic Planning Update

Stone City Ales

April 11, 2020


Firstly, we would like to thank everyone in this fine city for your work in flattening the curve. Hard to believe it was one month ago we closed our tap room for public health reasons, with the bottle shop closing one week later. We have kept the bottle shop closed because we think it is an unnecessary risk to you and to our staff. Stay home, stay safe.


Instead, we are providing free, local, contactless delivery. You can order online at


The pivot from the brewery-pub model to brewing-bottling-delivering has not been without hiccups, but we have refined our logistics and staff are taking a lot of pride in delivering without error and on time. Not to say there haven’t been some mistakes! Thank you for your patience with us. We are still here and brewing because of you. This week, we brewed two new batches.


To protect you and our staff we are:


  1. Limiting the workplace to no more than 4 staff on at any one time and are maintaining physical separation at all time possible.
  2. Staff are committed to social distancing when off work to reduce their, and your risk.
  3. We sanitize work surfaces regularly, and staff are instructed to wash their hands every 30 minutes, avoid touching their face, and have easy access to sanitizer.
  4. Beer bottles themselves are covered in brewery sanitizer when they come from our bottling station.
  5. We are not allowing visitors or members of the public into the workspace.
  6. The delivery vehicle is sanitized regularly, and drivers have latex gloves and sanitizer with them at all time. Only one person at a time is in the vehicle.
  7. When delivering, we maintain a 2-metre distance when interacting with customers. Boxes are left at the front door and not handed to customers.
  8. We are not accepting nor handling cash. All orders must be made online.


You can’t get fresher beer. We are commonly bottling in the morning the beer to be delivered that day. While this new operational model is far different than hosting you in our brewery tap room, our staff are enjoying this, and we are overjoyed to be able to keep bringing you what we think is might fine beer, made with craft, heart, love, hard work, and dedication to community.


Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. It may give you further comfort to know I managed community health care facilities for two decades prior to SCA.


Ron Shore (

Owner, Stone City Ales