Our Story

Stone City started as a dream in 2014 — to create a new kind of industry, a return to craft, and to return beer to a place of respect and sociability. We aim to change the way people drink and eat, and now 5 years in, we think we’ve had some success in doing so. But that is because of you— our community, our supporters, the people who choose quality, who support the local economy knowing that is an investment in people over profits.

We’re about keeping it real. Our beer is made by the people you can see everyday working in our brewery. Real people, making real beer, as fresh and as excellent as possible. We are about creativity, and consistency in quality, about engaging our brewers to strive to explore, to expand, and to always deliver to the people.

We are not an automated brewery. We are small batch, and every stage of the production process is guided by real hands, and real hearts. We believe every batch has a soul that our people put into it. For you to enjoy, and to bring people together. We don’t have great economies of scale, but we have the economy of heart, and of care and concern.

We run a traditional kitchen without a deep fryer. Our focus is on fresh, on seasonality, and on local farmers and producers. We buy only ethically-raised animal products, and source as much as we can from small, local farmers. Our chef and kitchen staff make as much as possible in house, using their own hands, talents and resources to craft what comes together into a menu that is sure to have something for everyone, and is designed to fit the values of our brewery.

What are our values? First and foremost to focus on quality and make the best possible products. This is the return to true craft, not big industry. We believe beer should reflect the community it comes from, and here in Kingston, Ontario, we are graced with hard water due to our limestone bedrock. Hard water effects hop expression; we’ve learned to work with our water profile to make truly exceptional, local beer which we believe reflects the people who live here, producing a range of styles to meet every palate.

Secondly, we make beer to be sociable. Beer has always brought people together. We are responsible about alcohol serving to ensure a safe environment for all. We are not a chain, so our servers get to be themselves, with personality, charm and knowledge. We aim to be safe and inclusive. We also aim to be responsible and thoughtful in our relationship with our natural world We believe when you buy from us you help reduce your carbon footprint. When you buy from us, the beer has really only ever travelled about 50 feet! And you’re supporting the local economy. Everything is reinvested in our community.

We support arts and culture. We have ongoing sponsorships with the Skeleton Park Music Festival and the Calliope Collective. We’ve supported museums, charity fundraisers, and are proud to showcase local artist’s work in our tap room. Join us for our monthly concert series, a truly intimate experience.

If you haven’t yet, come in for the full experience. That’s what it’s all about, real people, really connecting. And enjoying what this fine earth, and the talents of our people, have to offer. From all of us at Stone City, thank you for 5 amazing years. We look forward to 50 more. Sociable!

- Ron Shore, Owner | October 16, 2019